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Plumbing Rules has been providing plumbing solutions to residents and businesses in the Randwick for more than three decades.

We provide five-star service and have built our reputation through unrivalled quality of work, reliability and a no-nonsense approach that puts the customer first.

General plumbing

If there’s one thing our plumbers do really well, that’s how to provide work of the highest quality. Whether it’s repairs or maintenance of existing plumbing work, or installing your new kitchen, bathroom or gas fittings – we do it all, nothing is too big, nothing is too small.

Toilet won’t flush? Don’t worry, we’ll fix it whether it’s clearing blockage, putting in new parts, or upgrading to a new system.

Dripping taps or shower-head? No problem – our vehicles are fully stocked with the parts that can repair problem like these in a jiffy.

Need waterproofing in the bathroom? Sure, we always use the highest quality waterproofing products to ensure the waterproofing is durable and if we have to do any grouting, we always make sure that it perfectly matches the grouting of your tiles. And if you find yourself with a problem after hours or on the weekend, there’s nothing to
fear, our plumbers are available 24/7.

What you can expect if you call one of our plumbers:

  • Fair prices, all upfront

  • Friendly plumbers who always listen

  • Guarantee of all work

  • Clean, tidy workmanship

  • Free quotes, with honesty and full transparency about costs

Drain problems

Our plumbing technicians will be able to analyse and work out how to fix any problem with drainage.

We can fix your blocked sinks and pipes, which can get clogged by food scraps, hair, soap and grease. Often a plunger will do the trick, but if it’s particularly difficult, we can use high tech equipment, such as tiny cameras which we thread down pipes to inspect the blockage, followed by high pressure water jets to dislodge larger material, including tree roots.

Burst and leaking pipes

Our plumbers are expert in fixing burst pipes and will quickly see whether the pipes in your home or business need repairing or replacing.


We understand that failed pipes can lead to excess mould which, if left unfixed, can damage your property causing structural weaknesses. Another problem with burst or leaky pipes is the excess water that you pay for – and who needs higher bills in Sydney?


So we recommend if you have burst or leaky pipes, don’t hesitate to call us so we can fix your problem fast. If necessary, we may use our high tech leak detection equipment, or we may replace the pipe outright if that is the best fix.

Hot water systems

When you have a problem with hot water, life can get pretty miserable quickly, especially in winter. It’s not just the shower that it affects, but cooking and washing – in short, it can ruin your routine.

Problems include leaky units, rusty coloured water and inconsistent temperature of the water. And worst of all, no hot water!

If you need a new hot water system, or repairs to a current one, our plumbers are experienced with all the hot water brands including Rheem, Vulcan, Bosch and Dux.

We will quickly work out whether repairs are sufficient, or the hot water system needs upgrading. Because of our same day installation policy, will make sure you will not go another day without hot water.

Gas Fittings

Any work relating to gas can only be carried out by a licensed plumber.


Our licensed plumbers are expert at removing and installing gas appliances, as well as making new gas connections or converting an electric system over to gas. We do all of this according to our policy of safety first.

If ever you can notice a gas smell, make sure all your gas appliances are turned off then vacate the premises and call us and we’ll come and investigate and fix the problem. Gas leaks have the potential to cause problems that can be fatal, so it is important you call us as soon as you notice the smell.

Emergency plumbing

If you find yourself in the middle of a plumbing emergency such as:

  • Blocked drains

  • Burst and leaking pipes

  • Gas leak

  • Hot water failure

Have no fear, we are here! We’re available all day and every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


When you call us we’ll advise you of any actions to take, if needed, and will then arrange for one of our friendly plumbers to get there as soon as possible.

Our goal is that no harm comes to you or your property while the emergency is being dealt with in the quickest and most efficient manner.


Our plumbers also will provide advice on how to minimise emergencies in the future – as prevention is always better than the cure. We can provide a plumbing and safety inspection of your home and business – ask us, you’ll be glad you did!


Here are some plumbing problems which you may have noticed that have the potential to turn into a plumbing emergency if not nipped in the bud:

  • Water draining slowly

  • Water not hot enough

  • Inconsistent water temperature

  • Dripping taps

  • Running toilet

  • Noisy pipes, including thumping noises

  • Bad odours coming from sink

  • Gas smells coming from an appliance


Don’t let any of these problems get out of control. Call one of our expert plumbers today and get some friendly advice that will save you plenty in the long run.

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